Exhibition Outlook and Aspirations:

On the international level, the exhibition will draw a bright picture of Qatar as an investment hub inviting international companies and investors, which will provide opportunities to increase foreign capital investments.

• Supporting tourism in the State of Qatar by attracting many people from the Gulf region, in particular, and from the region and around the world to visit the exhibition periodically, harnessing the tourism activities in the country, capitalizing on Qatar’s worldwide hype and attractiveness as the renowned host of the highly anticipated 2022 FIFA world cup taking place in Nov 2022.

• The exhibition will provide a golden opportunity for national citizens and residents, especially to review and explore all that is new in the world of motherhood and newborn children.

• The exhibition will be an opportunity for national citizens and residents to meet with all the specialized sectors in the field of children and motherhood and discover new services and products.

• The exhibition will attract the largest possible number of sectors specialized in the field of motherhood and children from all over the world, and their attendance will have an important impact on tourism, trade, service, and media aspects promoting the State of Qatar.

• The exhibition will send clear message to many interested stakeholders related to the field, displaying Qatar distinctive image as an attractive, reliable and comfortable environment for business dealings, networking and partnerships. 

• Establishing and nurturing many new fields, which in turn opens up many job opportunities.


Exhibition Details:

Qatar International Mother & Child Expo - QIMC Expo

06 | 07 MARCH 2023


Qatar International Motherhood & child Fair ‘QIMC Expo’ will focus on related sectors that offer:
1. All types of healthcare and follow-up services for pregnant mother and the new born babies before and after birth.
2. All types of health services, products and clothes, that a pregnant mother and child need before, during and after maternity and birth.
3. All needs for newborn child to grow up normally and in a healthy environment.
4. All types of necessary products and services for a nursing mother.
5. Awareness and education for parents regarding all stages of a child’s life, from conception in mother’s womb, to monitoring pregnancy period, till birth and afterwards.
6. Services to children in the nursery and pre-school period.
7. Products and services that help increase the child’s cognitive abilities – to perceive and understand – or physical abilities (children with special needs).
8. Spreading awareness of family laws and regulations, and rights guaranteed to the mother and child by the state and society.

The exhibition aims to bring together, under one umbrella, national, regional, and international stakeholders from the following sectors:1. Civil associations, institutions, and organizations interested in motherhood and newborn children.
2. Healthcare and Medical (IV).
3. Pedagogical and educational.
4. Nurseries and children’s care homes.
5. Sanitary, hygiene and baby care companies and suppliers (Baby skin care, body care, shampoo, – Trolleys).
6. Companies producing pregnant women outfits and newborn children’s clothing, textile-based toys.
7. Rehabilitation, educational, health centers caring for children’s cognitive, psychological, and physical abilities (children with special needs).
8. Companies producing baby food.
9. Specialized pre- and post-maternity medical devices (Ultrasound, Incubators, etc.)
10. Companies specialized in newborn entertainment, furniture, or toys.