DAMSA : Doha And Millions Sharing Aspirations

Our Story

Doha, the city itself, is our original inspiration! 

Our journey started from Doha, the capital of Qatar. This city resting on the waters of the gulf occupies a sweet spot in the hearts of its inhabitants. The traditional, laid-back city 30 years ago has gone through an outstanding transformation to be a focal point on the international scene in aspects of energy, sport or diplomacy. Doha uniqueness in combining the traditional and the modern was crowned by winning the host of 2022 FIFA world cup. Damsa: ‘Doha And Millions Sharing Aspirations’ summarizes our story and ambition in attracting world-class events to a world-class city.

Event is a symphony; we're the maestro!

Our Passion

We, at Damsa, do believe that creating and managing an event, from idea to reality, from imagination to the limelight, is an artistic masterpiece. Like a colourful oil painting or a creative architectural blueprint. If an event is like composing a classic music piece, the orchestra leader is the one guiding all instruments and leading all players in a harmonious display. In Damsa, we treat an event as a symphony; we are the maestro!